NES Total Wellness System

NES ProVision is the first system that has the ability to interpret the Human Body Field (HBF).   Very similar to a radio tuner, Provision will scan the body looking for frequencies that can be received vs. those frequencies that are distorted.  It is the distorted frequencies we look to bring into correction. Provision is able to view the body-field and determine the areas of compromise and correct the errors to help resolve heath issues. The HBF is an intelligent, self-organizing energetic structure that acts as the master control mechanism for all body functions. The state of the HBF has a direct correlation with physical, mental and emotional health.

The NES scan will show what the body is ready to reveal and what needs to be addressed at that point in time. Similar to pealing an onion, the scans over time, will reveal deeper and deeper layers in respect the state of health. Issues may reappear that seemed to be cleared, but show up again as a deeper aspect of that issue ready to be addressed.

The HBF is like a light bulb and needs to be powered.  It gets power from the Driver Field, which includes chemical reactions, electrical impulses, ionic waves, low frequency sounds, thermal transfer, magnetic effects and physical movements. The Driver Field centers around 16 major Body organ systems.  If any Energetic Drivers (ED) is underperforming then both the tissue activity that forms it and the HBF balance as a whole may be degraded. These drivers can be damaged by emotional stress, toxins, shock & trauma.

The HBF is divided into 12 compartments called Energetic Integrators (EI) which govern information transfer in the body that the right piece of information reaches the required place at the correct time. EI form the route maps that direct internal communication in the body. The EI convert the raw information supplied to the cell into instructions. They are not chemical in nature, but magnetic entities that can be described using mathematics and quantum physics. EI can be damaged by toxins, micro-organisms, electromagnetic pollutions, heavy metals, etc.

The standard protocol will look to balance the body with the earth’s alignment field and electrostatic polarity with the Big Field Alignment (BFA) and Polarity (PL) infoceuticals.  Misalignment of these fields tends to limit the body’s ability to make significant positive changes.

The organ systems will be strengthened with the ED infoceuticals, ensuring the body-field as a whole is energized to it can drive tissue detoxification, maintain energetic balance, strengthen the immune system and enhance the creative cycle.

The EI infoceuticals will ensure information is getting the right place at the right time, thereby harmonizing the body’s processing instructions.

The primary function of the infoceuticals, which is an imprinted oral colloidal product, is to provide information to the body to rectify the distortions and return the functional integrity to the HBF.

The miHealth device will be used to clear energy blocks at specific anatomical points on the body. Clearing these blocks serves two functions: 1) it prepares the body field for optimum infoceuticals effectiveness, 2) it helps relieve symptoms while the infoceuticals do the deeper work of resolving the root causes of the symptoms.